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Local Bounty & Plastic Free Storing

An early morning trip to Asheville's downtown market is always a treasure of a journey. We didn't need many items this time but look how beautiful they are (and sticky buns are always a good idea). We also re-homed a dill plant that is already setting up housekeeping in the fairy garden.

So how do you store produce, especially lettuce without plastic bags? We've found a couple ways that work. The first uses what you have. Just separate the leaves and bathe them in a big bowl of water to hydrate for a few minutes. Then put them in a glass storage bowl with some water. They will last a week to ten days if you start with fresh lettuce. The second way uses veji bags, which are thicker than cloth and more like terry (cloth bags work too but not quite as well). We do not get any kick backs from this company, but here's the website:

The bags may seem a little pricey ($20 for regular size, $22 for large), but here's why in a statement directly from the company:

"At Vejibag, we pulled out the stops to bring you a superior, certified organic cotton, environmentally responsible, ethically made, high quality and durable product. This is what it costs to produce bags made from US Certified Organic Cotton and manufactured in the US. Our workers, employees and partners are all paid a living wage. We are naturally, unavoidably, and unapologetically more expensive than inferior products produced overseas in questionable work conditions, for pitifully low wages, with untraceable and possibly toxic materials."

That's a company we are happy to support. On a produce related topic, did you know you can regrow many market finds after you enjoy them? Learn more on our Info page.

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