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The Lawyer & The Mystic: our journey

steve and me - mary's wedding.jpg

After several near misses, we met when it was time. On a bright summer afternoon, we shared a cup of tea and talked of how we did not want to miss life's moments by worrying about the future. So we shared each day's beauty and the moments turned into months, then years. Steve, an environmental attorney currently practices real estate law. Raven, a spiritual teacher, facilitates ancient wisdom workshops and intuitive counseling. Together we are proud parents to five grown children. We live in Asheville, NC with four cats and travel to Scotland as often as we can.

We'll share bits of our journey including our love of nature and wildlife and the ways that we are learning to leave no trace. You may want to take a look at our tour site which focuses on green travel: Thanks for stopping by.

"We knew we couldn't rescue the animals being inhumanely treated or correct the damage it does to the planet. We don't have the means to save coral reefs or fight the fossil fuel lobbyists.


limit waste, eat no meat or buy from conscious farmers in our area, vote for candidates who put the planet over profit, walk to the office, drive an electric car."

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